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Social Work Supervision

I have been approved by the South Carolina Board of Social Work to provide Clinical Supervision for applicants seeking licensure at the independent level. There is an initial fee of $130.00 which includes our initial meeting, completion of the application and contract, and to have the applicant added to the clinical supervisor's insurance.


  1. Must have passed the clinical or advanced examination
  2. Obtained forty-five academic contact hours or forty-five continuing education contact hours in supervision. 
  3. Have had a minimum of four thousand five hundred hours of clinical/advanced practice earned over a period of ot less than three years beyond receipt of an LISW-CP/AP.


The cost for professional supervision is $50.00 per hour for individuals and $25.00 per hour for group. In order to be approved by the South Carolina Board of Social Work to provide Social Work Supervision to practitioners seeking licensure at the independent level the following must have occurred:


1. An applicant must have at least forty-five academic contact hours (Official Transcript required)

2. An applicant must demonstrate 15 academic contact hours or 20 continuing education contact hours in professional ethics during the   course of the professional supervision period or have completed a Board-sponsored specialty course in professional ethics. (Official documentation Required).

3. An applicant must  demonstrate to the Board satisfactory completion hours of Social Work Clinical Supervision. This supervised experience

must have occurred after licensure as a Masters Social Worker and a minimum of two years and maximum four-year period within a recognized, organized setting  such as social, medical, or governmental agencies. This supervision experience must include 100 hours of face-to-face meetings between the approved Clinical Supervisor and the supervisee, equitably distributed.

4. Before the initiation of LISW-CP supervision, the applicant and the supervisor must complete a Supervision Contract. The contract must be approved by the Board prior to the start of the supervision.The Board may   ask that the applicant and the supervisor to appear before the Board to answer questions concerning the proposed supervision contract. The supervisor must submit the "Report of Supervised Experience Form” for documentation of supervision at the conclusion of the supervision.  

5. The Board will allow 50 percent of the supervision to be group supervision with no more than six students. Those applicants already in a supervision  contract wishing to obtain group  supervision can amend their Contract.
6. An applicant must pass an examination prescribed by the Board of Social Work which requires that an applicant for LISW-CP or LISW-AP pass the Clinical examination administered by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB). When the above materials are approved by the  Board, the applicant will send an approval letter allowing registration for the Clinical examination.

Internships/ Practicums

I provide supervision to students who are in a Masters program and in need of a place to complete contact hours for an internship or practicum. The students that I work with are from many different colleges and universities..

Students completing their practicum or internship with CW Counseling & Consulting receives teaching on the job with developmental conversations, regular feedback, and the provision of a rapid response to issues as they arise. Due to the amount of time that it takes to effectively provide a great educational experience for the student, only a limited amount of students are accepted at a time. In order for a student to complete their internship or practicum at my site, the following must occur:

   1. Complete a background check

   2. Complete an Application Packet

   3. Submit a copy of their resume

   4. Provide a copy of their liability insurance

   5. A completed schedule of the time that they will be available

   6. Willing to pay to be added to my professional liability insurance in addition to that which is required as an individual.